How do I gain more followers on Twitter?

BY Shahin Fard

There is no one clear path to success on Twitter; no magic formula or simple steps. Growing an engaged Twitter following takes times and work. That said, there are key activities that could help you grow your Twitter presence:

  • Identify your target audience: Who do you want to follow you and who is likely to follow you? Research their behaviour online and use this research to shape your content strategy so your Tweets are more likely to appeal to your chosen demographic.
  • Create brand advocates: Identify key influencers within your chosen demographic and engage with them online.
  • Create regular, original interesting content: Produce the sort of content that your target audience will want to share, helping more people gain awareness of you.
  • Engage: People don’t like to be talked at; they want to be talked to. Actively start conversations and reward people that follow you and interact with you with personalised responses.
  • Incentivise interactions: Consider running Twitter competitions or offering follower exclusive discounts.
  • Consider paid activity: Promoting your Twitter account is a great way of getting your brand to the attention of your desired audience.
  • Review, revise and monitor: Review the success of your content; what has attracted more engagement? What hasn’t worked well? Continue to optimise your social media strategy.
  • Be patient: Social media rarely works “by the numbers” followings grow organically and anything that grows organically takes time.

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