5 New Flavours of Smartphone Behaviour

BY james

Updated: 11th October, 2022

Ten years ago Nokia were excited to announce the 3510i, the first phone to bring GPRS to the masses. A decade on and things have certainly changed, phones can now pin-point where you are, tell you how many calories you've burned from your workout and even speak back to you. In this piece, bravr investigates the top five changes that are occurring in the wonderful and ever-changing world of the smartphones. We explore how these behaviours have an effect on all of us using them, beginning with the surprising amount of surfing we do on the devices.

1. Total Website Traffic

The rise is website traffic across all platforms of mobile devices is significant and has been progressive year on year. There has been an increase of over 100% in website traffic from smartphones over the last year. Market research shows that Apple devices are dominant in the amount of total website traffic. There are many reasons for the increase in traffic, namely the convenience, hardware improvement, consumer demand, affordability and network coverage improvements  that accommodate the use of mobile internet. Expect to see a continued growth of mobile website traffic.


2. Shopping Activities

Consumers are also spending more money on shopping on mobile devices, with reports in the U.S showing that 1 in every 10 dollars is spent on mobile devices. With this in mind, the type of activity that people engage with the devices are fascinating. The most popular activity is taking photos of products; this is especially prevalent due to new visual based social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. Social media platforms, mobile technology and consumer behaviours are increasingly interacting with one another.


3. Children of the Future

Apple has discovered that the simplicity and intuitiveness of mobile applications has resulted in an overwhelming demand by children for iPads and iPhones. Not only do the devices directly appeal to the children for their colourful, engaging and fluid visual design, but also to the schooling institutions for innovative and modern forms of education.  It seems that the mix of education and mobile devices is a match made in heaven, providing synergy between pupils and teachers, transforming traditional forms of schooling into a sensational experience.

A recent study showed that students with iPads tested higher than the non-iPad students in every literacy measure.


4. Augmented Reality

Whether you happen to lost in a foreign country, seeking a first-person step by step route home or want to view animated advertisements in print newspaper, augmented reality applications are one of the core features that make mobile devices a thing of the future. Augmented reality applications essentially enhance our biological senses with technological involvement to provide the core benefits of applications more directly to us. No longer will we be in a foreign restaurant guessing what we have ordered! Google have heavily invested in the augmented reality technology with Project Glass; a pair of technologically impressive glasses that provide you with all the features of mobile technology, in front of your eyes.


5. BioTech

Companies like Nike and FitBit have released applications on mobile devices that aid consumers to get healthy by tracking performance of athletic performance, calorific burn in workouts and amount of success in exercise. Smartphones have the ability to not only track your progress; the devices also understand your overall exercise behaviour and recommend changes to your routines. The physical data attained by mobile devices is essential to tracking and planning progress for exercise regimes and the prominence is outstanding, with an increase in social connections sharing their individual success with friends. Mobile devices are not only implementing social media, they are transforming the type of information we are not able to share with friends with biological technologies.


Written by james

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