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Beware of companies reaching out via messaging platforms claiming to be part of


Protect Yourself from Whatsapp Fraud. 

We have had numerous messages about a recent scam taking place on Whatsapp. Some victims have lost thousands of dollars so please be vigilant.  These scammers operate on Whatsapp saying they work for Bravr when they do not. They'll provide fake Companies house documentation to try to prove their legitamacy when they are not. 

Firstly, there is no such thing as a Bravr VIP programme, nor do we offer any kind of employment or contract services via Whatsapp. We do not own or operate any kind of investment app. They will invite you to join a whatsapp group which has other members who are also part of the scam. This has nothing to do with Bravr. If you are approached by anyone offering you employment or mentorship. Block and Report them immediately. 

The scammers will attempt to direct you to a scam website which is a variation of our domain name:

  • (The official and real site)
  • - Scam site shut down 
  • - Scam site shut down
  • - Scam site shut down
  • - Scam site shut down

We are reporting the sites as we're told aout them. If you are directed to one, please contact us and let us know so we can update this page and work on getting the site shut down. 

Thes scam sites are completely separate entitities to us, it is not operated by us, they're just using our logo. We've discovered this is one of many websites they operate where they are passing off as legitamate companies like us. 

Please note:

  • Communications will be from email addresses only. We do not use gmail accounts or other free email platforms. 
  • We only operate on We do not operate any other variations of our good name.
  • Please see screenshots below submitted to us. 

Please be vigilant and safe out there.

Shah - Founder of Bravr.

This person does not work for us despite what they say, we would never reach out to anyone offering employment or mentorship via whatsapp.

It is a SCAM
These are falsified documents, the company name or company number does not match ours. We only communicate via email with We do not use gmails or any other free email services.  
This is fake and a Scam. We do not operate any kind of investment programme. 


If you have been approached by a scammer passing off as Bravr, please let us know. 

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