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With our help, you’ll be able to outsource SEO or supplement your internal team.


Bravr’s team of SEO consultants build organic traffic through high-quality, effective SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the best way to improve the ROI of your website over time. Google processes over 40,000 search queries per second! Each of these search queries leads a user to a website. By optimising your site for the right keywords, you can draw traffic to you when users enter relevant terms into a search engine.

Our team of professional SEO consultants work with clients around the world to develop effective search engine optimisation strategies, manage them over time, and improve them as conditions change.

SEO Strategy Development

More than 60% of all web traffic is driven by search engines. The need to tap into this potential market, using search engine optimisation, is clearer than ever, and should not be ignored.

The real challenge is in how to tackle SEO effectively. There are often thousands of websites competing for a single search term, and an uneducated or unfocused approach will deliver poor results. At Bravr, we focus on delivering outstanding SEO results through sound strategy, thorough research, and constant optimisation.

Our experts will work with you to develop a complete understanding of your business, your brand, your customers, and your competitors. Once we’ve done that, we can develop a set of keywords that are relevant to your brand’s identity and purpose. We then work with you to develop a comprehensive SEO roadmap for your website, focusing on three key areas:


Search engines exist to help users find content that is relevant to their queries. As your website is indexed, search engines evaluate your content for relevance and quality. 

We help you develop on-page content that focuses on key terms, is well-written, and delivers value to the appropriate visitor.


Your websites architecture accounts for approximately 40% of overall weighting. 

How you link to your content and its "click-depth" weigh into search engines algorithm. Important content should be biased with more internal links vs less important content. 


We've evaluate your website at code  level, as whilst your site may be visually aesthertically pleasing, search engines can't inteprete good design. 

Our Technical SEO will ensure your code is free from errors and meets best practice including pagespeed insights, core web vitals, structured data, semantic headings, appropriate meta titles, desciptions etc.

Bravr will help you focus on these three areas with a targeted keyword strategy that’ll lead to fantastic results. We don’t believe in black hat techniques or gimmicks, focusing instead on transparency, intelligence, and optimization.

The Distinct Advantage of Bravr's Expert SEO Consultancy

In today's digital landscape, hiring an SEO consultant can significantly enhance your brand's online visibility. With the growth of both user and AI-generated content, having an expert SEO consultant can help build an SEO roadmap to ensure effort is best applied where needed.

Whilst there's a lot of content online about SEO, you might be wondering, "What's the value in hiring an SEO consultant” vs the DIY approach? While it's possible to grasp the foundations of SEO, the complexities of technical SEO often demand expertise in both marketing and web development. This is precisely where Bravr’s SEO consulting services come into play.

When you collaborate with a professional SEO consultant, you're partnering with more than just a strategist. You're aligning with someone who brings over two decades of SEO expertise, ensuring your website doesn't just meet SEO standards, but exemplifies good SEO. Our team will meticulously assess your website, conducting a comprehensive SEO audit to identify both strengths and areas needing improvement.

Our SEO consulting services aren't limited to just technical optimisation. They include tailored advice for your specific industry and audience. Staying abreast of evolving algorithms and shifts in best practices, your consultant ensures your digital strategy remains cutting-edge and relevant. In a business environment where the term "expert" is often used, genuine, time-tested expertise stands out. Our SEO case studies speak for themselves.

When you choose us as your SEO consultants, we constantly monitor your ranking for every keyword included in your SEO strategy and develop improvements to drive you up the rankings and keep you at the top. You’ll receive monthly reports with summarized metrics that you can easily understand, and we’ll always tie our results to your bottom line.

If you’re looking for a partner to manage your SEO efforts and drive you past your competition in search results, look no further than Bravr.

Hire an SEO Pro

SEO Consultancy

If you're interested in enhancing your online presence with expert SEO consultancy, please get in touch with our team, and we'll arrange a call to discuss your needs.

If you don't require a full consultancy but need our expertise to address a specific SEO challenge or seek ad-hoc support on any SEO aspect, please contact us.

Hourlyfrom £90Perfectly suited when you want quick advice from an SEO Pro, or need some top level strategic direction.

Monthly from £2000 Our most popular service, we’ll setup a call to discuss your requirements and build an SEO package which suits your needs best.

Need help with your SEO?

Bravr’s professional SEO services are perfect for companies in London looking for local SEO companies, or for companies around the world looking to establish or improve their digital marketing strategies. Our SEO services have driven clients to the top of search results, and have earned perfect 100% ratings in independent audits.


Bravr is ready to help whether you’re looking to outsource your SEO to a partner or augment your internal team.

Our SEO consultants can help you perform research, build your strategy, or improve your current efforts.
Boost your organic visibility


Keyword research is the foundation of any great SEO strategy. We develop highly relevant keyword lists that are in sync with what your target audience is searching for.

An effective keyword strategy is the core of any successful SEO strategy.
What are your customers searching for?


Link Building provides high quality dofollow links from authorative domains with ranking keywords.

Each link is hand built through content placement/PR style activity working with top publishers in your sector.

Inbound links are linked to authority, and without a strong authority your website won’t rank.
Build your websites authority


Need help with the more technical aspects of SEO, such as URL optimisation or creating a proper sitemap? Our in-house team of SEO Pros’ can make sure your site loads quickly, works well across devices, and is crawler friendly.
Detailed audit of your current SEO


Bravr provide bespoke packages based on your exact needs, removing anything that is superflour or won’t “move the needle”.
Build a bespoke SEO Service


If you are interested in learning about the art and science behind SEO, our friendly Director Shahin Fard has been optimising sites for 19 years! He offers 1-2-1 training on SEO or in a class room setting. Once you get Shahin going, its hard to find the off switch! he knows his stuff and is passionate about SEO.
Train You on SEO

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