Top Reasons to Blog for Business

BY adilla

Updated: 11th October, 2022

Bravr's resident content expert Adilla Parish explores the importance of blogging for businesses.

Last month we looked at the history of the blog; where the phenomenon originated and the astronomical rise in blogging over the last decade. It’s safe to assume that we have all heard the term “to blog” but does blogging really add value to your business? Here we take a look at the top reasons why your business needs a blog.

Traffic & SEO

Not only will blogging result in an increase in traffic, it will improve your SEO too. A constant stream of high quality, up to date content will encourage people to visit your site; if your content is good enough it will cause intrigue about your organisation and encourage potential customers to delve deeper. By incorporating keywords and links in your content, you can also increase SEO rankings; in addition, regular blog posting will help search engines to recognise your site.

Social links

Blogs are easy to promote via social media platforms and are a great tool for engaging followers and encourage interaction. Through social media you can access a legion of regular internet users; get the right hook and you can lead these users directly to your site. The mere presence of your blogs on social media will raise your profile, increase the profile of your brand and help you interact with existing and potential customers.

Improve brand & position uourself as an expert

Blogging does more than increase brand awareness. Regular blogging will increase your online presence and help you portray your business in a positive light. A blog is a great way to show off, demonstrate your skills, increase awareness of what you do and position yourself as an expert in your field. Many potential customers going through due diligence will take a good look at your website; your clients, your history. Where better to get a great overview of your range of knowledge, consistency and your ethos than your blog? In addition, and perhaps most importantly, a regular blog will help build trust. Via regular posting you can develop deep relationships; through this interaction, trust will develop. The result? More potential customers who know you and trust you and will keep coming back to you.

Improve your service and knowledge

Blogs don’t only inform other users about the area in which you work; by regularly writing about your area of expertise, and asking your staff to do the same, you will keep your knowledge base up to date, increase the breadth and depth of your understanding and continually develop your skills.  An effective way of getting all key members of an organisation contributing to blogs is to ask people to research their topic and provide bullet points, sources and statistics to a central source, where the facts can be converted into compelling content.

Whatever you label it, no matter what your personal opinions on blogging, there is no doubt that it is a cost effective, extremely efficient way of increasing your brand, online presence and trustworthiness. From just one blog you get material for newsletters, emails and social media as well as increasing traffic and SEO rankings. That’s serious ROI.

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Written by adilla

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