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BY james

Updated: 6th January, 2023

A plethora of algorithm updates by Google have been implemented this year, focusing on quality of content corresponding to search engine ranking positions (SERPs). Google is now steering away from low benefit ranking factors such as exact match domains and putting focus on quality content to determine ranking positions. In this piece bravr explores why content is now the king of online search marketing.

When exploring the implementation of your organisations content strategy, it is vital to be cognisant of the benefits of content to search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media. At bravr we ensure that the social media team and the SEO team are fully integrated to safeguard online performance. SEO goals include keyword density, with each article focusing on keywords that cross-reference to audience demands on social media. It is important to broaden objectives to include both SEO and social media goals. Producing content that is packed with keywords with no actual demand for the content will leave it very lonely online. Conversely, produce content that is demanded with no keywords and it may not perform as well on search engines and a potential audience is lost in digital space.

Here are five tips to push your content to the next level:

1. Focus on your audience


One of the benefits of creating high quality content focused on engaging audiences is the catalytic path to popularity it can take on social media. Your content can be read by an exponential amount of people in a very short period of time. Before you consider writing one word of content, draft a selection of core themes that you will address that focus on current topics. Investigate your audience, understand what they are demanding and address the discussion confidently.

2. Keep it short and simple


Attention is real estate in the online world. Your audience has a choice of endless sources competing for their attention, it is integral that you stand out and become a go-to source for information that stimulates  attention. When posting your content on social media try to encapsulate the essence of the piece and leave the audience wanting more. A key way of doing this is to quote from content in your posts and explain the topic areas you explore. Take your audience on a journey with your content.

3. Implement Keywords:


When you have your content drafted and arranged for your website/blog, it is best to check the keyword density. It is also beneficial to take advantage of quantitative analysis tool that are available for your disposal, such as David Naylor’s Keyword Density tool. With this in mind, it is important to acknowledge that there is not a “magical percentage” that you should aim for; this has been confirmed by Matt Cutts (Head of Spam, Google) on various blog posts and tweets. Remember that your keywords should relate to what is demanded and what will be searched for in regards to your content, not purely on your overall online marketing strategy.

4. Keep it current:


Topical content is very effective to obtain more traffic on your content and get more people talking about what you write. Keep it related to your field and try not to spin events to make them relevant to your field when perhaps it may not be. The aim is to try and obtain relevant traffic and to avoid wasting the time of people that may have got to your content for the wrong reasons. It is also best to stick to the “bar rules” when writing content; keeping an impartial narrative discussing key topic areas retains a level of credibility that surpasses the opinionated and one-sided articles.

5. Be human:


Focus on the human side of your business and steer away from making your content come across like a sales pitch all of the time. This is especially effective for small businesses that may be focused on customer service and want to voice how they’ve gone that extra mile. People tend to attract to content with positive connotations and a happy ending. If your social media guidelines allow for employees to post pictures in the office then go for it! It is a great way of involving your audience into how you work, your team’s daily activities and the fun side of your organisation. Keeping a light tone throughout your content facilitates continued attention from readers and tends to keep eyes glued to screens. Remember it is people at the other side of the screens looking at your content and not just search engine crawlers.

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Written by james

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