How to Fetch and Render a Page Locally using Google Search Console

Last Updated: Thursday October 5, 2023

When troubleshooting a website's appearance in Google's "eyes", it's vital to see the page exactly as Google renders it. Often, there can be discrepancies between how a page appears to users versus how Googlebot perceives it. By fetching the URL via Google Search Console and viewing it locally, you can get an accurate representation.

However, during Google's "Test Live URL" process, not all resources might load properly, leading to potential discrepancies in the page's display. This step-by-step guide will show you how to render a URL locally to observe the page as Google does.


Login to Google Search Console: Begin by accessing your account.


Navigate to URL Inspection: This tool lets you see how Googlebot views your URL.


Fetch the URL: Type the desired URL into the search bar. Google will then retrieve data from its index for that URL.


Initiate a Live Test: In the top right, select "Test Live URL". Google will conduct a live test, which usually takes about a minute.


View the Tested Page: After fetching the live URL, click on "View Tested Page".


Extract the HTML Code: Copy the HTML code provided in the right-hand sidebar.


Use a Text Editor: Launch Notepad++ (or your preferred text editor) and paste it into a New File.


Paste and Modify the Code: Insert the copied code and immediately after the opening <html> tag, add the following:
<base href="">


Save the File: Ensure you use the .html extension. For instance, test-page.html.


Open in a Browser: Use your default web browser to view the saved file.

To get an exact representation, consider viewing in a mobile-responsive mode since Googlebot uses a mobile view to render content. From here you can troubleshoot how Google renders your website.

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