What is a Meta Title or Title Tag ?

Last Updated: Thursday October 5, 2023

Let's start with a simple analogy I often use with clients: Imagine you've got dozens of files on your computer named "document1", "document2", "document3", and so on. How would you quickly determine the content of each file? It'd be a nightmare, wouldn't it? Instead, you'd likely name your files based on their content – "Holiday Photos", "Work Report", "Mums Birthday" – making it much easier to retrieve a specific file later. The more descriptive the file name, the more accessible and identifiable it becomes.

In the world of websites, the Meta Title – or 'title tag' – plays a similar role. It's a brief label, nestled within a webpage's HTML, that informs search engines and users what that page is about. Just like our descriptive file names, a Meta Title is a quick identifier, a headline hinting at the content that follows.

This title is showcased in search engine results, browser tabs, and even when shared on social media. So, when you see a compelling title on Google that draws you in? That's the Meta Title working its charm.

Though you can set this title for your pages, it's good to know search engines may tweak it occasionally, especially if they believe a different version better serves the user.

In essence, a well-chosen Meta Title isn’t just a technical detail—it's your webpage's calling card, making it stand out amongst the digital crowd and enticing users to dive deeper into your content.

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Written by Shahin Fard

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With over two decades of expertise in the online world
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